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Hi. Welcome. NSFW stuff ahead probly. Lots of it. I'm a furry nerd. I draw and game and eat and sleep.


Total people diagnosed : 1,884 people
1. Dilf Gacha (74)
Dilf Gacha
2. Milf Gacha (154)
Herm Milf Gacha (For Female, Ignore Dick Size/Type)
3. Herm Gacha (24)
Herm Gacha Randomizer
4. Female Gacha (57)
Female Gacha Randomizer
5. Male Gacha (27)
Male Gacha Randomizer
6. Furry Dilf Generator (Adult) (403)
You come home to find YOUR NEW HOT FURRY DAD.
7. Furry Jock Generator (Adult) (292)
Big and beefy jocks ahoy!
8. Furry Art Concept Generator (Adult) (123)
Useful for generating concepts for furry art.
9. Furry GF Maker (151)
What abomination of nature are YOU going to be dating?
10. Your Concession Stand (71)
Overpriced drinks and food are yours to command, when you have your own concession stand!
11. What Furry Herm Mom Are You? (411)
Become your final form: A hot Anthropomorphic Mom with a dick! Care for your 'kids' (read:...
12. Over-the-Top Mundane Topic Anime (97)
Discover your own action packed, over the top anime based upon a normally mundane topic!
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