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1. Overwatch League Skin for you (142)
One free chance, let the RNG choose a skin for you, if you don't know what to choose, write you...
2. Damage of your skill (412)
As the title says. While lesser percentage, less SP, no matter how many hits you deal. (10%-5000%)
3. Chosen by a Valkyrie Crusade Archwitch (117)
Archwitchs are seen as dangerous, heroes and heroines hunt them, but what if one of them looks you w...
4. Your Neutral-sided Demon in SMT (231)
Just like the previous ones.
5. Your Chaos-sided Demon in SMT (293)
Just like the Law part.
6. Your Law-sided Demon in SMT (208)
Depends on race and some of them have other sides in different games.
7. RPG Skill (Description) (4,163)
Just description. Use it wisely.
8. Your Mythological Weapon (1,852)
Determines what weapon would you wield, or any other object.
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