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Amateur graphic designer and full time nerd. love all things video games. 19 and ready to retire lol.


Total people diagnosed : 5,338 people
1. Your Demonic Form (858)
If you went to hell, what would you look like? Inspired by Hazbin hotel
2. You Teleport to Another World! (2,146)
You are walking along one day when you suddenly find yourself on another world. What is your experie...
3. SAO Generator (376)
What would your experience in SAO be?
4. Heroic Spirit Incarnation (529)
What would you be if you were summoned to serve in a holy grail war.
5. Dragon Oc Creator (722)
What kind of dragon will you be?
6. What is your last resort technique? (369)
What ability do you use when you have no other option? Input your name and find out! (Not complete)
7. Multiverse Character Creator (338)
A bunch of different styles and parts from multiple show's and fandom's!
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