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Total people diagnosed : 44,908 people
1. The Jackbox Multiverse RP - TV Zone! (20)
[[NOT TO BE USED BY EVERYONE]] This is ANOTHER inside thing between myself and a few friends (Grotto...
2. The Jackbox Multiverse RP - Soulmates (30)
[[NOT TO BE USED BY EVERYONE]] This is basically some inside thing between myself and a few friends ...
3. Your REAL Monster Identity! (657)
Hello again Jackbox users. You did know everyone is a monster, right? ...You didn't know you we...
4. Monster Seeking Monster ... Prom Edition... (365)
Hey Jackbox player! We heard that you are looking to find a monstrous date but you just can't s...
5. nintendude scouting (93)
bc rares happened
6. nani the heck idk (176)
what is this abomination kelly you inspired me
7. Your stream prom date I guess? (143)
8. Which Nintendude member would u cuddle/m... (70)
Short titles are rip honestly
9. Which Nintendude member would you hug/ma... (81)
Serious business because Love Live got it too o v o
10. Which Nintendude member are you? (74)
Memes (Nintendude92)
0 Meme
11. Best UR of SIF (346)
I am very late on this so gomen ne ^^;
12. Best SR of SIF (395)
Time to separate the SR/UR Shindan and make individual ones ;o
13. Your Best SR/UR (908)
Just something random I made XD No promos included for obvious reasons
14. Based on fanon story (Love Live! magical... (206)
[Super sorry if you haven't seen the puns picture or I haven't shown you the LLm documents...
15. Your Love Live Song! (3,222)
What song by u's/Printemps/BiBi/lily white/A-RISE describes you the best?
16. Which Pretty Cure Villain Are You?! (498)
Not including evil Cures, Black Hole, or Fusion o v o||
17. Non-Cure All Stars~! (29)
A random diagnosis I made for a fan movie XD NOTE: 2 canon characters, and 1 fanon :p
18. Your Splatoon Ink Color? (1,490)
A much more simple diagnosis for Splatoon fans c: (Yes Emerald is a color in the game ^^")
19. Who Is Your YouTube Gaming Soulmate? (1,839)
Popular gamers, let's bond! (Each result is with an individual, not a group, unless a member ha...
20. What Wii Party Mini-Game Are You? (100)
80+ mini-games, 80+ results, 5 categories of mini-games, 1 result. Only from the original Wii Party.
21. Which Alignment Do You Belong To? (31,180)
Lawful and chaotic, & good, neutral, and evil, which one will you go to?!
22. Who is Your OC Soulmate? (230)
o u o A lot like the love one, but this time it's as forever soulmates!
0 ocs
23. Which OC Loves You?! (450)
Love story, but with who?! o u o
24. Which Shining Jewel Are You? (159)
You're probably unfamiliar with my Pretty Cure OCs. But you can learn about them: fandomofprett...
25. Who is Your Dark!Cure Soulmate?! (277)
Inspired by someone who did a similar concept, now to add some others in ^.~
26. What Dark!Cure Are You? (208)
Similar to the other one, but with the evil/copy ones this time (Cure-wise!)
27. What PreCure Are You? (428)
A test/diagnosis to see which PreCure you would be.
28. Which Main Mario Character Are You? (1,234)
If you were to step into a portal to the Mushroom Kingdom or other part of the Mario dimension, who ...
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