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1. Splatoon Time (347)
Your Color side and weapon of Choice in an MP-Match of Splatoon, the Wii U game.
2. Starcraft II Strategy and Outcome (70)
Something I made for fun. I was formerly a Starcraft II player but stopped playing. Find out if your...
3. What Computer/Video Game are you. (1,390)
What kind of Computer/Video game will you be? Try your luck and hope you won't end up 2-Colors
4. You in Warship Gunner 2 game. (32)
Which Naval, and Side. You have to play Warship Gunner 2 to know what it is. And it's not perfe...
5. Which MLP:FIM Antagonists would'ya ... (786)
Let the evil magic begin. I'll update over days or if I can, containing more villain not Canoni...
6. Swordcraft Story (76)
The life in Swordcraft Stories. This thing will contain references from other games. So, what kind o...
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