Derek the Gamer
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Brony, Gamer, and Zerg Player in SC2. I also like to draw digitally, or traditionally.


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1. You in Equestria (93)
A Typical Human in Equestria scenario, based on those I read on Fimfiction. Will you wake up as a Hu...
2. Your Custom Super Robot (31)
What Super Robot out of the series will you Pilot? And what kind of Rival will you face?
3. What Starcraft 1&2 unit will you be? (118)
Contains LotV units, HotS units, Units from the first Starcraft 1 game, and also Campaign-exclusive ...
4. Derek's RPG Shindan - Light vs Dark (413)
I am seeing so many RPG shindans, I've decided to make mine as well. Race, Class, and two sides...
1 rpg
5. You in a Video game (3,360)
What kind of video game will you wind up into? Type your name in to find out.
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