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Total people diagnosed : 80,511 people
1. NSFW OC Gen! (FEMALE EDITION!) (11,172)
You heard right! This gen will tell your new female OC’s stats and appearance, including bust size a...
2. DDLC OC GEN! (7,237)
Doki Doki Literature Club OC generator!
3. Random Gemsona Basics (697)
Random Gem, pronouns, Era, and alliance to help make a foundation for a gemsona!
4. MLP OC gen! (2,676)
Mlp character generator for all your MLP oc needs!
5. Monster Girl! (5,637)
Monster Girl OC generator!
6. Creepypasta OC gen! (9,651)
CP oc maker!
7. Miraculous OC Generator! (39,865)
Miraculous!-ly make your own superhero to fight with Ladybug and Chat!
Hot! 23
8. Random OC gen (180)
Random oC gen
9. Fursona Maker! (677)
Get a randomly generated fursona!!
10. Yer Stats (106)
Some random stats
11. Gemsona Gem-erator! (395)
Perhaps a better version of my other one?
12. SU: Random Gemsona!! (469)
Randomized gemsona traits
2 SU
13. Fantroll Gen (363)
Put in a SIX letter name for your troll and get what they are!
14. Cute Loli Outfits (554)
Enter a name for a character and get a lolita style description of their clothing~
15. Creepy Quirks (832)
What’s your Quirks?
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