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Very stupid goblin ape hybrid aaaa I use masculine pronouns for myself I have a YouTube but I barely post vids on it I lurk in YouTube comments


Total people diagnosed : 3,398 people
1. Anime Arc Name Generator (679)
Is your anime needing a name for its current arc? Well, maybe this will help!
2. Create a Sonichu...? (78)
Planning to plunge into CWCville if Christine’s theory of realities merging comes true? Well, you ma...
3. You become playable in Dragon Ball Fight... (116)
Hey, someone modded you into Dragon Ball Fighter Z! Not sure why they did it, but let’s see what the...
4. Abnormal Stats (602)
This is more for an original thing I wanted to make but you’re more than welcome to try this. Scali...
5. Super Power Name Generator (150)
Need a name for your Quirk/Super Power/Stand/Weapon? This special name generator might help you out.
6. The Ara Ara Summoning Circle (155)
What’s that? You want to meet someone who’s a bit forward and flirtatious? Kinda weird, but not to w...
7. Welcome to Shindaaaan (20)
This is my first time making one of these be nice
8. How many toes? (96)
How many toes do you have on one of your feet?!
9. Dokkan Battle LR generator! (79)
Wait... is that?! You happened to get an SSR that can be made LR! And you already have the medals to...
10. Dokkan Battle Unit Generator! (94)
Become your own Unit for Dokkan Battle!
11. Your ULTIMATE Undertale Run! (35)
How will your run of all the Undertale games so far go?!
12. Your brand new special attack! (174)
Need a flashy ability to weaken or defeat your foe? Well, give this one a shot!
13. AVGN insult generator (57)
Need some compound cuss words for a AVGN episode? This might be the right thing for you.
14. Create your Shonen Hero self! (369)
Encompasses by the inks of Mangaka gods, you are now drawn into the pages of a shonen manga, destine...
15. Create your Shonen Manga Villain Self?! (305)
The dark counterpart to my previous Shonen Hero Shindan. Join the dark side of the ink that draws yo...
16. Your stats for a grand scale battle! (389)
A large chunk of the universe is going through a war for some kind of special set of macguffins! Let...
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