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Total people diagnosed : 9,151 people
1. Expansion Extravaganza II (Public) (152)
Very rough around the edges but decided to share. Three short scenarios for someone of your choosing...
2. Becoming a Blueberry (675)
Find out what you’re wearing and how you become a big, juicy blueberry!
3. What’re You Wearing? (786)
Type in your name to find out what you’re wearing and see what happens when you take a swig of that ...
4. Inflation Prompt II (514)
A sequel to my very first Shindan! Once again, female names are preferred.
5. She Grabbed Her What? (Inflation) (892)
Whats happening to who and why did they grab a part of their body? Put in a name to find out! This i...
6. Inflation X (Public Version) (959)
Unreleased version of Inflation Prompt I. Very rough around the edges. Have fun!
7. Complex Expansions (1,068)
My most complex Shindan yet! Intended for female audiences! Hope this is fun!
8. Expansive Curses (1,401)
You or a friend have been cursed! Is it really a curse if you like it though? Put in a name to find ...
9. Your Inflation Prediction (846)
Use this to predict how you or someone else will inflate! One of my smaller, less complex Shindans. ...
10. Button Poppers (1,265)
Do you want your buttons to pop? Or a maybe a friends? Put a name in and see how those buttons pop! ...
11. Inflation Prompt I (593)
This was just an experiment by me to see how this worked. I tried to get a bit of everything in here...
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