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Total people diagnosed : 6,411 people
1. How Much Does Your Crush Like you? (2,003)
What percent does your crush like you?
2. Drink Generator (188)
It generates a drink with the name you type in. Don't use your name, use a random drink name. ...
3. Alignment Finder (722)
It categorizes you into an alignment, which are often used in D&D.
4. Soul Color Picker 2 (488)
A more precise color picker for your soul color.
5. Your Yin vs. Your Yang (660)
How much of you is evil, and how much is good?
6. What gemstone are you? (308)
It says what gemstone you are, that's really it.
7. What's Your Soul Colour? (792)
It gives you your soul color.
8. What mermaid are you? (412)
Mermaid generator...
9. What Catgirl are you? (838)
Catgirl generator <3 (y'know, like nyaah)
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