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Total people diagnosed : 69,176 people
1. Awaken Your Persona (15,972)
Embrace your rebellious spirit and awaken the trickster sleeping within your soul! (Persona 5 themed...
2. Eggression (1,311)
Whoops, messing with that spell transformed you into a helpless egg! Well hopefully you'll at l...
3. Behind the Pet Shop Window (3,247)
Who's that adorable pet in the store window? It's you! Somehow you've been turned int...
4. Portal to Ivalice (1,424)
You're transported to the world of Ivalice! But you're not quite like you used to be.
5. Shrink Ray 2.0 (6,103)
Excellent improvements have been made, now thank you for volunteering to test our shrink ray/ Didn&#...
6. You're a kitty! (2,591)
You are now a kitty, don't ask how it happened just embrace it.
7. Dragon Transformation Magic (5,696)
Should you desire the power of the draconic race then place your hand upon the Dragon Pearl, but be ...
8. Ultimate Transformation Spell (9,563)
You find a mysterious book with weird writing in it, and decide to try it out, and suddenly you chan...
9. Who's that Eevee!? (2,160)
You are now an eevee or one of its evolutions, but which one?
10. Fountain of Youth (4,784)
You take a sip of water only to suddenly find yourself dwindling in age! You've found the legen...
11. Micro May Daily Shrink Ray (3,239)
Step up step up and pull the lever to see how small you get each day of the month of Micro May. Resu...
12. Transformation Ray Gun (7,740)
Stand still for just a moment and ignore the glowing laser for just a moment longer. Ha ha now lets ...
13. The TransMOGifier (1,626)
Thank you for agreeing to help out at Mognet today! Now step into the Transmogifier and we'll s...
14. Shrink Ray (3,720)
You are zapped by a shrink ray! How small will you get?
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