Golden Bubblegum
@BubblegumGolden Twitter
absolute trash.slowly being swallowed whole by multiple fandoms(guiltily glances at touhou obsession)but fan of sand cats and @jacksfilms. has too many waifus
da booty, jacksfilms house


Total people diagnosed : 1,944 people
1. Character Personality Generator (1,157)
You wanna make a new character but don't know where to start with the personality? Here's ...
2. BTD6 Challenge Maker 2 (109)
do u like BTD6? good job
3. BTD6 Challenge Maker (403)
Find the game getting a little stale? Don't worry!
4. Feral Cat Generator (275)
Want a new cat character for any reason? Here ya go! (Fur Colors borrowed from http://1.bp.blogspot....
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