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without a reason I keep on running, I'll continue this seemingly endless journey ⁂ I'm hazr — known for sin | video games | kid shows | food | music
they/he/she ⸺ utc -5 (usa)


Total people diagnosed : 40,976 people
1. 1 Like 1 Thing (34,330)
Post to twitter and get free likes, also feel free to personalize your diagnosis
2. Your RPG Potential (2,065)
Based on the Planner Scenario created by Alice Soft (i.e. the Rance series' universe). The aver...
3. Aikatsu Yaoi (272)
I forgot half of these characters even existed
4. Aikatsu! OTP (Ichigo Gen) (183)
S1 and S2 characters only!
5. ways to spend your night (436)
things that hazr does to pass time
6. Content Analyzer (2,058)
Input your opinions, headcanons, or true/false statements and get an analysis
7. What Etrian Odyssey class are you? (EO1-... (366)
What class are you, from Etrian Odyssey, Etrian Odyssey II, III, IV, V, Untold, Untold 2, and Etrian...
8. Aikatsu! OTP (506)
gay idols... or not (now with more s4)
9. Do you f*ck bugs? (760)
Well? Do ya? (This Shindan is 89% accurate.) #bugfucker2020
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