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Diagnosed by 10,356 people.
1. how big of a cunt are you? (200)
find out your cunt level
2. What would your evil peice in highschool... (102)
find out what your evil peice would be and how many peices you take.
3. What is your spirit animal (175)
find out your spirit animal is!
4. What discord mode are you in irl? (119)
find out what discord mode you are in real lyfe
5. avatar the last airbender (411)
what are you?
6. what creature are you (477)
find out what creature you are
7. what type of boyfriend/girlfriend are yo... (5,419)
what type of boyfriend/girlfriend are you? find out what kind of boyfriend/girlfriend you are
8. what porn you like shindan (591)
see what type of porn you like my friend wayne told me to make this hi wayne
9. Zoltron see's (53)
see what Zoltron see's in your future
10. steven universe rp server stuff (132)
check out what steven universe rp discord server check it out
11. is your boyfriend/girlfriend cheating? (261)
are they cheating?
12. how hot is your boyfriend (409)
finout how hot tour boyfriend is this is over 9000% acurate
13. how hot is your girlfriend? (326)
find out how hot your girlfriend is
14. how hot r u (454)
how hot r u
15. wich harry potter character are you (184)
let me know if I did anything wrong or I missed anyone ill add them
16. wich star wars character are you test (64)
find out what star wars character you are
17. what is your pokemon? (243)
for pokemon rp server on discord at
18. What type of Gem are you? (370)
For my Steven Universe RP group on Discord
19. Who is your Diamond? (366)
SU RP group on Discord.
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