Millie Johnson
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I’m just some guy on the internet. That’s it.


Total people diagnosed : 4,771 people
1. What Being are you? (2,574)
Are you a Supernatural being or not? Find out today!
2. This is your life (1,019)
So generally, this creates an interestering story for anyone, even you! :D Just enter a name and ga...
3. Awesome Story Title Maker (438)
Based upon something I saw on the internet today, this will generate 6 random story titles with a li...
4. You are Cheese (262)
What Cheese are you? More will get added over time :D
5. OC-ify People (250)
Something random I did. Yay! :D
6. What being are you? (Revamp) (228)
This is similar to my previous one BUT it now has some new things, I just didn't want to change...
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