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Soy un joven medio diferente y me gustan cosas variadas. ¿Quieres conocerme? Pregúntame!!


Total people diagnosed : 2,053 people
1. Anthro Pokemon Male Wrestler (54)
You will fight one sexy Pokemon. But... how it looks? How it looks like? Are you just friends, rival...
2. Your Male Fetish Furry Friend (197)
You go to school every day, but... what if you have a apreciar furry friend who left you do whatever...
3. Male Furry Moba Character creator (77)
If you want to make a furry Moba game, you will need ideas. I will give you some, but the rest are y...
4. Laboratory Anthro Pokemon Transformation (133)
this is a more descriptive version of the pokeball TF. This time, Will be more details and Will not ...
5. Your Daddy Dragon (176)
Everyone wants a Dragon Daddy. So I make this for everyone to know about how will be your dragón dad...
6. Your Male Furry Pokemon Trainers (96)
This is an only man version. For the gay ones or the girls if you want
7. Your Furry Pokemon Trainers (319)
A new world is open like a book to you. Now you’ll meet 5 new furry friends and complete de pokedex....
8. Furry RPG Gay creator (216)
is time to make a team and defeat the evil!
9. Pokeball Anthro Pokemon Transformation (319)
after touch a pokeball, you become an anthro pokemon but… how is your body now? let,s see it! (only ...
10. Husbando Pokemon Gym Leader (132)
new region, new pokemon and new sexy male gym leaders.
11. Your Pokemon Daddy (334)
You are the kind of person who is serching for a sexy pokemon partner? don't wait anymore! now ...
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