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Dibujos chinos a través de cultura general española.
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Total people diagnosed : 9,521 people
1. Pokémon Villains (2,414)
Discover your Pokémon villain team!
2. YES vs NO (429)
YES or NO?
3. Discover your secret code! (531)
You´ve a secret code, do you want to see it?
4. Your truth name! (4,081)
Let´s know your real name!
5. Your Mega-Evolution´s change! (1,710)
Discover your mega ability and your new stats after mega-evolution! Look at your stats of your norma...
6. Your Pokémon IVs (356)
How strong are you? How many IVs do you have? are you a random wild, a friend safari, or a really go...
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