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Total people diagnosed : 3,886 people
1. Surviving The Studio (126)
What stats will you make use of to survive a trip through Joey Drew Studios?
2. Fantasy Character Creator (745)
Life is a game. How will yours play out?
3. Multiversal Battle (171)
Who would win in a fight, the random generator. If you have a suggestion for a fighter, let me know!...
4. Super Consultants Incorporated (188)
So! You've decided to take over/save the world! Congratulations on this life-changing decision!...
5. Monster Food and Drink Generator (163)
Disclaimer: This is for entertainment purposes only. Some food/drinks will be inedible. Disclaimer #...
6. Date with a Monster (1,371)
2, 4, 6, 8--I think it's time for a date. It's time to get ready for your special blind d...
7. Valentines Day personal initials generat... (159)
What is VD to you?
8. Your Secret Fantasy Weapon (421)
What is your secret weapon against the armies of (insert enemy alignment here)? Find out now!
9. Random Boss Encounter! (542)
Enter your name to encounter a random boss! Come back tomorrow to fight someone else! Some encounter...
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