Allen Wade Williams
@Allewil Twitter
I might be someone else, maybe this is just a persona i thought of.
I dunno.Shadow Realm?


Total people diagnosed : 22,226 people
1. Your Monster Hunter Monster! (5,326)
Which large/leader monster would you be in the Monster Hunter world.
2. What Kind of Swordsman Are You? (1,163)
Your sword fighting style!
3. Mobile Suit Pilot Generator (2,392)
Randomized MS pilot generator. For the MS itself>>>
4. Mobile Suit Gundam Generator (9,390)
Randomized mobile suit generator. For the MS Pilot>>> [IN...
5. What kind of person are you in ShindanMa... (1,611)
What kind of person are you, when you're on ShindanMaker?
6. Your Useless Super Power (2,344)
If you're smart enough, it might be pretty useful! Yes, one is actually very useful. EDIT: Fixe...
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