Alfred Lee
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London, United Kingdom


Total people diagnosed : 4,834 people
1. Random scenario (318)
Totally not going to give you a weird result or something. (In progress)
2. Warship creator (20th century, up to 196... (309)
Type in your last name.
3. Are you a jojo reference? (2,711)
4. How ayaya are you (108)
5. Will you win a boss fight? (455)
Let's test your power.
6. What WW2 plane do you fly and why? (291)
Here we go.
7. Steam Summer Sale 2016 (63)
How much have you spent?
8. Has the dragon become you yet? (329)
Ryujin no Ken wo kurae
9. Hope's Peak Academy Life (250)
How will you live? Will you survive?
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