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bitch im a princess I came back for Splatoon pics but I might post art idk


Total people diagnosed : 9,087 people
1. Original 151 Pokémon 5-Roll Gacha! (463)
A gacha for the Kanto Pokémon. Inspired by another shindan.
2. Furry creator (2,286)
Create a furry character just by entering a name. Includes birthday, species, positive qualities, ne...
3. Who's your Black Butler date? 〜(✧ω✧... (950)
Because I'm too much of a fangirl XD
4. You as a kawaii anime girl! (978)
You find something on the ground. Once you pick it up, you're transformed!
5. Who is your Pokémon bae? (3,335)
I was bored...
6. FNaF animatronic generator (1,075)
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