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1. Your RWBY Life (80,410)
A OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. Have added main, support, villains and misc charac...
2. Character Trait Generator (7,843)
Need help with a character you're writing? Maybe you just want to see what you'll get :)
3. Who in Undertale is your Parent, Friend,... (9,230)
A round of PFL. A Pacifist version of FMK.
4. What is your Semblance? (41,923)
Semblance! Get your semblance here! Probably not accurate for the show exsude I just looked up super...
5. Your Kindgom Hearts Life! (1,954)
Your life in Kingdom Hearts. Hope you like it! It took 2 hours to finish :)
6. What does Team RWBY think of you? (10,810)
Saw someone else do one of these & thought about doing one for RWBY.
7. Your Eye Power! (11,741)
Now the real question is it in both eyes or one? That's up to you! None of these sound famili...
8. Your Doki Doki Literature Club OC's... (10,964)
Doki Doki Literature Club is still in, right? 10/10 would get scared/sad again. Trigger warning, obv...
9. What RWBY character is your Soul Mate? (6,305)
Remember a soul mate isn't always a lover.
10. What RWBY Female Character is your wife? (11,289)
Would you like to know? For funzies.
11. What RWBY Character will you train under... (11,715)
To become a Hunter/Huntress :-) OR something else! (like a teacher, club person, pun master etc) Fin...
12. Who's your Undertale Parent? (4,464)
Have a nice day. :)
13. Your FE: Fates Life (1,535)
I think I'm ready for this! Are you ready? #NohrianScum
14. Yandere Sim Life (2,388)
Your life in the world of Yandere Simulator.
15. Your opening theme and ending theme are? (1,459)
Warning: It won't contain your favorite anime songs, Sorry. I put the names of what name they ...
16. What Male Character in RWBY is Your Brot... (4,117)
What male character in RWBY is your/Oc's brother. Now with Volume 4!
17. Your Digimon Partner! (2,874)
This shindan will tell you your very own Digimon!
18. What's your theme song? (697)
Theme Songs! For you! Only EDM+ and unknown music are used. Because its the best *Opinion* Song - Ar...
19. What RWBY Character is your ___? (5,827)
You were adopted. You have older/younger sibling, a best friend, your favorite/unfavorite teacher. A...
20. What's your RWBY surname? (5,284)
How you relate to the person is up to you.
21. Your Anime: Find out! (2,568)
If you're a girl and get voiced by a guy, I'm sorry.
22. RWBY: MGW (2,971)
What is MGW? Mother, Godmother, Wife. It's a round of M,G,W, there's goin to be a F,G,H to...
23. What RWBY character stole your first kis... (6,581)
In the RWBY world.
24. Senpai has something to tell you! (3,736)
This one has realistic scenarios! Based off:
25. A song for your ships! (1,548)
Whether real or fictional. Songs are of the EDM/Indie genre Listen to them on YouTube! Or look up l...
26. What Yandere Sim Character has a crush o... (2,547)
There's a student at Akademi High that has a crush on you! Do you like them back? Includes all ...
27. RWBY Statistics (4,220)
Good for creating OC
28. Your Persona! (3,537)
Per...So...Na! So what is yours? :) And just because I can I included the main personas of 3 and 4...
29. What RWBY song is your theme song? (5,830)
Will include the ones that are known and trailer versions.
30. Does Team RWBY Like you? (8,355)
And who likes you more? Or less...
31. What Undertale Character is Your ____? (3,527)
Results may vary.
32. Who is your best friend in Undertale? (6,045)
A little late to the party, but let's just see who will ended being your best friend. If anyone...
33. Your Dragon Age Life (2,859)
Why is this necessary you make ask? WHY NOT!
34. RWBY: Teachers (3,767)
You just moved to a new high school and these are your teachers.
35. What Female Character in RWBY is your Si... (6,277)
Just like the brother one. Has ALL female characters!
36. What’s your Pokémon nature? (1,041)
Includes stat booster and decreaser (ex: ATK+, SPD-) some have none, however. THIS IS THE FORMAT: N...
37. What's your superpower? (1,921)
Will keep updating. Unsure of what your power is? Check Powerlisting.wikia
38. ~~First Name Generator~~ (1,300)
Trying to come up with a name for a character in a story? Or having a baby, but can't think of ...
39. F/M/K RWBY (8,251)
Salutations, are you combat ready?
40. What DanganRonpa female is your waifu? (6,963)
People still love this game right? Includes 1 & 2.
41. You in Undertale (2,959)
Hope you have a great day!
42. Your Life: Life is Strange (785)
Fixed the title. If you don't know about Life is Strange check it out because it's awesome...
43. Your Rune Factory Life (302)
Create your very own Rune Factory OC!
44. Your Gravity Falls Life (3,049)
Who will you be in Gravity Falls? Gravity Falls may be ending, but we will be strong :)
45. What Fairy Tail Guild are you really in? (1,457)
Features all the Guilds. Even ones that don't exist anymore.
46. OTP Love Child [RWBY] (763)
Find out who you’re the Love child of!
47. Your RWBY Mother (3,809)
Your RWBY mother.
48. Who's your Hetalia Waifu? (2,231)
Includes Nyo!
49. FEM RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (3,070)
Removed x due to some names appearing as ***
50. What song is best for your Parings? (1,640)
[Person 1 x Person 2] or their fandom shipped name thing My music tastes. Don't like it, I...
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