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1. A song for your ships! (1,417)
Whether real or fictional. Songs are of the EDM/Indie genre Listen to them on YouTube! Or look up l...
2. Another Dere Type Shindan? Yes. (1,506)
This one here will tell you what dere type you really are! Plus some specials. :)
3. Are you a Morty or a Rick? (250)
Find out today!
4. Character Describer (563)
For Eyes, Hair, Mouth.
5. Character Trait Generator (7,263)
Need help with a character you're writing? Maybe you just want to see what you'll get :)
6. Dialogue Prompt [RWBY] (712)
From the internet! Might work.
0 Rwby
7. Does Team RWBY Like you? (5,367)
And who likes you more? Or less...
8. F/M/K FE: Fates (317)
I've been replaying FE: Fates lately, so why not make this?
9. F/M/K RWBY (5,969)
Salutations, are you combat ready?
10. FE: Fates Husbando + Story (221)
Just for all those men lovers.
11. FE: Fates Waifu + Story (662)
Your waifu and story. Don't worry about it making sense, it wont.
12. FE: If/Fates - What side should you choo... (1,045)
Are you having a hard time at deciding what side you should choose on Fire Emblem If/Fates? Look no ...
13. FEM RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (2,753)
Removed x due to some names appearing as ***
14. Female Corrin/Kamui x Female Characters ... (224)
Fire emblem fates ships and storyideas. Warning: Incest and age gaps.
15. Fire Emblem Fates Parings (256)
Cute parings, gay parings, clonecest ,incest, twincest, crack paring etc. What should you ship? Or ...
16. For all the DigiDestined in the world! (269)
Tells you the kind of digivice you have, the color and your crest. You can take my other digimon sh...
17. Gotta Catch Em' All' Pokemon! ... (299)
I wanna be the very best..
18. HetaFAM: Who's your Hetalia Family? (623)
Inspired by something I once saw on a site.
19. How gay are your feelings? (1,641)
Literal gay. Like, man: dude that guy has a nice butt. woman: she has a stellar bod, fam.
20. How much of an Armadillo are you? (168)
Armadillos = Godlike.
21. Kill, Kidnap, Cheat: RWBY (1,101)
Like kill, marry, fvck, but completely bad!
0 Rwby
22. Lucky Item Radar (179)
Testing... 1...2...3
23. MALE RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (1,239)
Hope you like it!
24. Music: What is your theme song and where... (812)
Don't hate m8. Peace and Love. What is your theme and where will it play* Song - Artist. I d...
25. OTP Love Child [RWBY] (620)
Find out who you’re the Love child of!
26. OTP Song (385)
Your OTP + Song = Result!! That’s how it works. You may or may not like or know the songs, I person...
27. Pokémon Sun or Moon? *Ultra Edition (786)
Which should you get?
28. Random character Generator! (1,322)
....Its a random character generator. Just type in your name, someone you know, or an OC name and ba...
29. RWBY Character Changer (1,325)
Like Seventh Sanctum's version only with rwby characters instead. Will have Volume4 characters.
0 Rwby
30. RWBY Chars Role in Town of Salem (370)
If the RWBY Characters played ToS, who'd be who? Roles here:
31. RWBY OTP Roulette (337)
Picks your OTP for you! For names:
32. RWBY Scenario Generator (3,619)
Saw someone else do this. X will -action- Y in -place- Added RWBY4 characters.
33. RWBY Statistics (3,546)
Good for creating OC
34. RWBY X blank Y - Boys Edition (1,836)
For all your shipping needs!
35. RWBY X blank Y - Girls Edition (2,024)
X will -Action- in -Place- With only the girl characters :) Ships can be formed too...
36. RWBY x Danganronpa (513)
RWBY characters and their ultimate.
37. RWBY-dere (955)
Weird title. Couldn't think of much to say, but in this shindan, but basically you get a rwby c...
38. RWBY: MGW (2,639)
What is MGW? Mother, Godmother, Wife. It's a round of M,G,W, there's goin to be a F,G,H to...
39. RWBY: Teachers (3,378)
You just moved to a new high school and these are your teachers.
40. Schnee: Fvck or Kill (1,023)
This might just get me arrested. Which Schnee [RWBY] will you fvck or will you kill them?
0 Rwby
41. Senpai has something to tell you! (3,586)
This one has realistic scenarios! Based off:
42. Super High School Level Shindan V3 (2,757)
Since Danganronpa V3 is on its way here, I decided to remake this old shindan of mine. :) As usual, ...
43. Weapon Creator [RWBY] (1,980)
More to be added. Listed every known rwby weapon, they're just mismatched
44. What 10B Wife is the only one for you? (133)
10 Billion Wives Shindan
45. What anime character are you most like t... (500)
Find out! Added three! Will continue to add more in futute.
46. What animu world do you live in & yo... (730)
What anime world you live in! (Girl/Boy) names, even maybe uni. Japanese only names. Will only inclu...
47. What are your 10 lucky items, colors, et... (802)
Tell you your most lucky things.
48. What Danganronpa Character Kills You? (7,951)
Characters of 1 and 2. :D Also some beary special ones!
49. What DanganRonpa female is your waifu? (5,693)
People still love this game right? Includes 1 & 2.
50. What David Cage game should you play? (50)
Whose life do you want to mess up today? One of the games listed has yet to release.
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