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151. What Danganronpa Character Kills You? (9,938)
Characters of 1 and 2. :D Also some beary special ones!
152. What pervy anime character are you most ... (2,526)
:D find out your level of pervyness with anime characters!
153. Your RWBY OTP should be..... (1,230)
:3 *Now has team cfvy!
154. What male character in RWBY is your husb... (2,178)
:) Just like the others.
155. What RWBY Female Character is your wife? (11,299)
Would you like to know? For funzies.
156. What's your spirit stone and what&#... (192)
What's your spirit crystal and what message did it record of your FINAL THOUGHTS.
157. What Fatal Frame II ghost is out for you... (116)
:D Just like the other one, only more deadly.
158. What ghost from Fatal Frame I is stalkin... (95)
:D Scaretober!
159. What Female Character in RWBY is your Si... (6,284)
Just like the brother one. Has ALL female characters!
160. What Male Character in RWBY is Your Brot... (4,121)
What male character in RWBY is your/Oc's brother. Now with Volume 4!
161. What Video Game Character Are You Most L... (865)
Just like the anime one, but with Video Games characters. There's a lot. Most of these characte...
162. What's your Power? Part 1 (1,321)
Find your true superpower! There will be multiple parts. There are a LOT of superpowers :D
163. What RWBY paring should be your OTP? (3,365)
Better late then never! Find your OTP!
164. What Free guy will marry you? (3,042)
Free's over, but that doesn't mean my love for the show ends! I will add more later.
165. Your kōhai wants to tell you something! (1,245)
Made a kōhai version. :3 Who knows you might actually be the senpai! ....Right senpai?
166. For all the DigiDestined in the world! (302)
Tells you the kind of digivice you have, the color and your crest. You can take my other digimon sh...
167. Senpai has something to tell you! (3,738)
This one has realistic scenarios! Based off:
168. What kaomoji best describes you today? (257)
:D < Not this. | (•□•) | (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) < This. If you can't see it,'re outta ...
169. What does your heart beat to? *EXO Editi... (2,532)
170. ~~What Anime Should You Be Watching?~~ (361)
Want to watch an anime, but don't know what? Find out!
171. ~~~How Will You Die: Story Mode~~~ (1,260)
Basically like my previous How Will You Die but with a story. Because stories are fun!
172. What Hall & Oates song decribes your... (52)
Made this for my sister who absolutely loves these songs. :D
173. ~~How will you die~~ (642)
Hmm I wonder? Sorry if some of the words are **** out. Trigger warning maybe.
174. What famous detective are you most like? (183)
Fictional of course and remember with a keen eye for details only one truth prevails!
175. ~~First Name Generator~~ (1,301)
Trying to come up with a name for a character in a story? Or having a baby, but can't think of ...
176. Your Tales of Life (1,223)
Based on a Kingdom Hearts one I did. For the Tales of Series.
177. What Disney song describes your love lif... (1,085)
Get your diagnosis here. Don't question it.
178. What Pokemon Badge do you possess? (396)
So you're a new gym leader...Find out who you replaced. By learning what badge you possess. *F...
179. What song from Epic Score is your theme ... (151)
Ever wanted cool music to play when you appeared? Or in a battle or back story? Get your diagnosis ...
180. What Non-Canonical Geass do you posses? (306)
Find it out today! Check the wikia to read up on it.
181. Your Eye Power! (11,742)
Now the real question is it in both eyes or one? That's up to you! None of these sound famili...
182. What anime character are you most like t... (505)
Find out! Added three! Will continue to add more in futute.
183. What song is best for your Parings? (1,641)
[Person 1 x Person 2] or their fandom shipped name thing My music tastes. Don't like it, I...
184. What is your mood? (259)
Find it out!
185. Random character Generator! (1,446)
....Its a random character generator. Just type in your name, someone you know, or an OC name and ba...
186. What G.U.I.L.T. Do you have? (140)
Gangliated Utrophin Immuno Latency Toxin. From Trauma Center game. Find out now!
187. What Fairy Tail Guild are you really in? (1,458)
Features all the Guilds. Even ones that don't exist anymore.
188. What are your 10 lucky items, colors, et... (828)
Tell you your most lucky things.
189. Your opening theme and ending theme are? (1,460)
Warning: It won't contain your favorite anime songs, Sorry. I put the names of what name they ...
190. What Pokemon move is super-effective on ... (407)
Find out what Pokemon move you are most weakened by. Contains random moves, because shindan cannot ...
191. Another Dere Type Shindan? Yes. (1,599)
This one here will tell you what dere type you really are! Plus some specials. :)
192. Your Kindgom Hearts Life! (1,957)
Your life in Kingdom Hearts. Hope you like it! It took 2 hours to finish :)
193. Your Persona! (3,539)
Per...So...Na! So what is yours? :) And just because I can I included the main personas of 3 and 4...
194. What Kagerou Project Song is your life? (1,141)
One of these songs is now your life. How screwed are you? lol jk. But no one of the songs is your ...
195. Your Digimon Partner! (2,878)
This shindan will tell you your very own Digimon!
196. What Naruto character will you marry? (5,319)
For girls. Sorry boys. Now its better. :) More boys, more things happen.
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