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Random OC Generator [somewhat-specific] (29,529)
Includes -Age -Gender -Race/Species -Ethnicity -Sexuality -Hair Color -Eye Color -Height & We...
Sliding Scale of Beauty (2,313)
"While in Real Life the concept of beauty is very subjective, in fiction there is a clear conse...
Your Life with Super Junior (53,577)
find your future life with Super Junior members (13 +2)
How long is your **ck (53,407)
**icks, **icks everywhere!
16 sex
What&039;s your fetish? (40,164)
Discover your hidden fetish!
Your orgasm reaction (32,912)
What do you do when you have an orgasm?
Your Sexyness (19,987)
Check how sexy you are?
Your Furry Male Random Hook-Up Generator... (17,420)
After swapping a few messages on Yiffr, you agree to meet this sexy guy and do some hot and naughty ...
Your stripper name (15,058)
The name you should take if you are a stripper
Your Furry Male Boss Generator! (13,454)
It is known that every fur should be employed, but just who do you work for? Do you work for a sexy ...
Your Future Love Life (12,534)
What will your future love life be like?
Porn No (12,399)
What kind of porno will you star in?
How Many Dicks can you take in one day (12,381)
bc I wanna know
3 Sex
Which Pokemon will eat you? (11,950)
WARNING: has sexual content. Which Pokemon will eat you today and how?
Do people like your***** (10,847)
Seriously, I don't have self-esteem issues. I just need to know.
wow sexy really steamy oh good lord! ooooh baby
Sexy Times With Mystic Messenger! (10,105)
from the same nasty sinner who brought you sexy times with knb teams, i bring you more sinning! take...
12 Games nsfw
How gay are you (10,033)
are you gay or not gay
Who will end up in your EROTIC HOT BODY life?!
Sexual Pose (8,944)
Your sexual pose
2 Sex by @Kradre
Furry Sugar Daddy (8,828)
Get your funding from a sexy daddy
Dick Namer (7,819)
What name is your dick known as?
3 Love Sex
[Monster Boy- What does your you cock lo... (6,846)
MATURE For males of the monster variety. Yes I made this and I'm a girl. I really like monster ...
what kinks do you have (6,639)
we know ur secrets
Your Incest Vore Experience (6,363)
Someone in your family is very hungry. Maybe it's you. WARNING: Freaky adult situations.
yas hunty mama GOT7 gonna teach you all about sex yas bitch slay
how kinky r u (5,618)
find out how much of a kinky bitch u are
wich 2hu fuk? (5,599)
This will accurately diagnose wich 2hu will be the best fuk for you this day, as well as any additio...
Your touhou lewd life (5,531)
Enter your name and figure out your lewd trip in Gensokyo!
Your Sexy Goods (5,367)
Are you fuckable ? (5,273)
Discover if you are fuckable or not !
Who will you have sex with? (4,981)
Someone got lucky~ But with who and where?
Slave Master Dragons (4,767)
You have been caught and kidnapped by the Slave Master Dragons! What will they do to you?
Bangtan sexy timezzzzz (4,643)
bangtan n u getting friskay
What kind of top, bottom, or switch are ... (4,616)
Sub top, dom top, sub bottom, top bottom, dom switch, sub switch..
find your gay level (4,232)
it tells you how gay you REALLY are
Sexy EXO Scenarious (4,059)
Sexy hawt
2 exo sex
(Safe?) Sexy Times with EXO (4,027)
Ayo EXO or*y~
5 exo
Sex stats (3,964)
How you are in bed
Ideal Furry Junk (3,864)
Your ideal type of furry genitalia
Who in Haikyuu!! is gonna kink shame you... (3,820)
They try to be tolerant of some kinks, but yours is just going to far. (If you don't know what ...
What is your sexuality? (3,751)
Check what is your sexual orientation.
Does anybody like you? (3,721)
Find out today... (UPDATE 5/11/17) (as in tags - it's about romantic/sexual love, not friends!)
1 Love by @FyneQ
Fetish transformation (3,517)
Become a disgusting sexual monster
Worldwide Sexy Ranking (3,494)
Your SEXlNESS ranking. Above 50 = sexy
0 by @haldgaf
How&039;d you like your waifu? (3,029)
sorry, only heterosexual and girl/girl pairings only for the moment (^_^;). No husbandos yet
Sexual Mood (2,795)
Not sure if you should top or bottom or switch? Unsure if you should be a dom or sub or both? We...
Touhou girls (2,764)
Which Touhou girls that would like to have sex with you?
1 Random
Sex with BTS (2,760)
What Pokemorph Guy Are You? (2,631)
Poke-boys, poke-boys. Sexy Sexy poke-boys. [Probably best to assume that's all you're w...
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