for sulli and hara
(she/her) f(x) loona dia


1Produce 101 Life

Will you be the most famous trainee? A huge success? Or will you be remembered as the trainee who didn’t make the cut? The one trainee who cracked the big high note? Find out!

2My JYP Trainee Life

are you the next TWICE? or will you flop?

3what is your red velvet energy?

who do u match with in red velvet

5Kpop Stan or Furry?

Are you a secret kpop stan? Or do you moonlight as a furry?

6Your Relationship With TWICE

Is your bias your soulmate? Will you live happily ever after with your first love? Will Tzuyu ever notice you? Find out!

7Who in LOONA Hates Your Guts?

We can’t all be loved no matter how hard we try. Someone in LOONA hates you and I’ll tell you why.

8How Would Pledis Ruin Your Career?

We all know Pledis is a hole where talent goes to die! How would Pledis kill your bright spark?

9My Kpop Saesang Life

You are a wannabe ulzzang just dying to meet your bias! You love your oppa/unnie so much you move to Korea to follow them until they love you! Of course it isn’t that easy.
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