gray wolf with red eyes


1you are a dog and i talk to you


2Your Outfit

Find out what you're wearing

3What Pokemon Are You? With Breasts

This will tell you

4Bagel Shindan

What type of bagel? And beverage

5KLK Goku Uniform

Wear it honorably!

6You as a Weird Tumblr Picture

Bonus points if you act it out

7Yuri Anime Title

And you`re the star!

8What kind of beer are you

Maybe something good idk?

9What kind of kisser are you

How and where do you like to do kissu?

10what thing in my room are you

could be anything

11Young Adult Fiction Plot

Coming soon to a book store near you...

12Metal Kisses

How you kiss and what type of metal you listen to

13>> Your Gender <<

There are more possibilities than you think!

14Your Real Life Stats

Let's see how you do

15So Gay

How gay are you though?

16Your Two Languages

Like in that movie

17Your Religion

What is your belief system of choice.

18Your Tarot

Three Card Spread

19You as a Spirit World Warrior

How pleasant!

20The Gauntlet

You run The Gauntlet. Can you escape the deadly traps?

21What Guinea Pig are you?

If you image search for the result you'll get the idea...

22Your Mega Evolution

Hold a stone and say hello to the new you...

23You're the Protagonist

What is your show about?

24Your Magick Ring

Use it responsibly!

25your next girlfriend / boyfrie

what will they be like?

26your 430 munchies


27Your Final Fantasy OTP

Do not edit or else it's wrong

28your next breakup

how you will break up with your significant other

29Your Pet Dragon

Only You Can See Them

30Proud of Who You Are

No one else is quite like you ;)
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