no, this is double's cousin, single, // certified by area 51 // bitches be like are you far left or far right? bitch im far-ting


1Undertale Vendor Generator

Makes a salesperson for Undertale. If you want a vendor for a different game, ignore the species and go for human maybe.

2Which Underswap Has A Crush On You?

I don't really know what to put for a description so here's this.

3Which Underswap Are You?


4Which Undertale Song Would Be Your Theme?

With links. Some results have spoilers.

5Scott Pilgrim VS The World OC Generator

It's preferred if you enter name of the OC in the box where you input your name, but you can enter your own name if you want. Nobody's stopping you.

6Yet Another Undertale OC Generator

Except it has... more info?

7Which Homestuck Character Likes You?

Red, pale, and ashen quadrant possibilities. Includes all trolls and kids.

8Which Undertale Character Has A Crush On You?

I'll make a Homestuck version as well, with quadrants.

9Which Undertale Character Are You Most Like?

This time, from almost all the characters. Spoilers.

10Which Undertale Main Character Are You?

Characters like Toriel, Papyrus, etc. Very possible spoilers.

11Which Undertale NPC Are You?

Characters like Temmie, Catty, Bratty, etc. Possible spoilers

12Which Danganronpa Character Are You?

All characters from both Danganronpas. Contains spoilers though.

17Which Megido Are You?

Forgive me, I'm bored.

18Which Dancestor Ship Are You?

I tried. Includes lots of crack ships. UPDATE: Tells you which character you would be in said ship as well.

19Which Vantas Are You?

I wonder if I should do these with all of the Homestuck families.

20Which Ampora Are You?

Let's hear it.

21Which Homestuck Dancestor Are You?

I haven't really seen one of these, so why not.
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