I'm officially obsessed with DDLC


1How Do You Die In Danganronpa?

Randomly selects one of the executions from the Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair and Killing Harmony. (Also includes NG Code Poisoning.)

2Waifu Generator by magickid30

Generate a waifu with appearence and stats!

3Signature Move Generator by magickid30

Create a signature move with this generator including a name and stats.

4Skyrim Character Generator by magickid30

So, basically, this will generate a Skyrim character for role play, inspiration or to challenge yourself by playing a different build in skyrim.

5What would your fate be in DDLC?

What would happen to you in DDLC? (DDLC SPOILERS AHEAD!)

6magickid30's Dragon OC Generator!

So this is just a generator for you to make a quick dragon OC!

7Pokemon Trainer Generator by magickid30!

My first generator!
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