1Servant Randomizer

You have been summoned to the Holy Grail War, to fight as a Master for the chance of winning an almighty wish from the Holy Grail. For that, you will be needing a Servant, but which will be their class and identity? Well, lets find out.

2Heroes - Abilities

What is the ability you will have in the Heroes universe? Either it is the one you are born with, or the one you received from the Genetic Modification Formula.

3Project Power - Power Generator

What power would you be granted by taking in the power pill?Find Your Power

5Your Chinese Element

What element of the Chinese Tradition is your's?

6Nasuverse - Mage Stats

Your basic stats as a mage: Origin, Elemental Affinity and Magic Circuits

7Nasuverse - Mage - Magic Circuit Parameters

Mages use their Magic Circuits to make magecraft, which are ranked according to their quantity and quality. How do your's rank?

8TYPE-MOON Origin Generator

What is the driving force of your soul?

9Nasuverse - Elemental Affinity

If you are into the Nasuverse, and you are a mage, then you have an elemental Affinity. But, what is it?
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