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1FE Heroes Character Generator

You became a hero in Fire Emblem Heroes! How good are you?

2Your Filipino Name [A-C]

If you were to move to the Philippines, what is your name?

3Heroic Title

What do the people know you as, hero?

4Evening Musuko Matchmaker

Which of the boys of Evening Musuko will you get?

5Your Ultimate Weapon

What is your ultimate weapon?

6LoL Champion Maker

What kind of LoL champion are you?

7What is your Element?

Classical Element Matcher

8Vivid Chemistry Matchmaker

How will you fare with the boys of ViviChem?

9ST☆RLIGHT Chorus Matchmaker

Who is your ST☆RLIGHT match?

10Tales Universe Class

What kind of Tales character are you?

11YT Chorus Card Battle

Diagnoses what kind of card you are in the YT TCG
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