multi, hwang hyunjin is my ult
in ur heart bb


1you as mangas or webcomics I've read

⭐👁👄👁 if you haven't read whatever you got i recommend you do. btw i put all the jojo's arcs separately but if you're gonna read please don't skip parts lmao

2⭐how gay are you⭐


3your treasure soulmate


5cheesy situations with PENTAGON members

(ot9) some are really cheesy, please make me stop

6PENTAGON bias (ot10)

lemme choose your ptg bias

7random situation with a The Boyz member

i don't even know anymore

8A.C.E as your classmates

i'm trying to stop making these

9what's IMFACT to you

the cringe saga continues, check my other shindans

10your NCT soulmate (ot21)

at this point i'm just bored af

11which SEVENTEEN body part are you

sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do

12what are Stray Kids members to you

this is really cringy but i did it anyway

13TXT bias

i'll choose your txt bias

16the boyz bias

i'll choose ur bias if u don't have one

171team bias

if you have yet to choose a bias i can take care of it, please stan these big babies
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