I am Titanium. I might be annoying, but you can hear different things from me!


2Which Hetalia Nordic are you?

You can be one of the five!

3Which amiibo are you?

If you want an amiibo, go for it!

4Which Super Smash Bros. amiibo are you?

You can be any of them, from Wii Fit Trainer to Mario! It's that simple.

6You are an amiibo!

How rare are you?

7Which Super Smash Bros. 64 amiibo are you?

Only includes the Super Smash Bros. 64 characters...

8What Earthbound 2 Character are you?

It contains the major characters only... and Mr Saturn

9What does Viridi want to do to you?

Well, what does she want to do to you?

10Who is your Nyo Nordic Girlfriend?

The Fem!Nordics have come for you!Which one would be your girlfriend? Includes 2P.

11Who is your Nyotalia Waifu?

This is ANOTHER Hetalia Waifu scenario... only except genderbends! Only includes the Nyotalia Girls that appeared in the episode... For guys, by a guy.

12Who is your Hetalia Waifu?

For boys that want to find a love from Hetalia. Well here's your chance! Created by a guy, for guys!

13What would you be in SSB?

If you were in SSB, what would you be?

14Which Fire Emblem Character (in SSB4) are you?

As the title says!

16How much does Ike love you?


17How Ike thinks of you

Title. How Ike from Fire Emblem thinks of you...

19You kidnap a Fire Emblem character!

What do you do with them? You can do anything to them...

20Which Fire Emblem Character can you kill?

I don't have anything against it, it's just funny.
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