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1I-CHU Card generator

Inspired by out what I-Chu card you are

2Your I-chu team of the day

For when you're bored from your usual teams. Taken from

3Your aichuu OTP

Great for crackships

4The I-chu's helping you with homeworks

Will they turn up good or will they cause troubles?

5What if the aichuu's confessed to you?

Find out how will an aichuu confess their love to you

6F/M/K Aichuu edition

The name says it all

7Birthday gift generator

Find out what do the ichu's give you for your birthday (mostly random objects chosen on the moment)

8Which ichu will take care of you if you got ill?

The title says it all.

9Aichuu 50 disks scout results

Did you get the card you wanted?

10I-chu producer's death generator

You die, killed by an I-chu. Find out who does it and how (results change daily)
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