Used to write Survivor fanfiction. About 34 to be exact. Yes I am insane.


1Fire Emblem Plot Generator

Type in your name, and find out what kind of title and plot your Fire Emblem game will be!

2Fire Emblem Heroes Seasonal Banner Generator

Create a seasonal banner for Fire Emblem Heroes!
Fire Emblem Heroes Seasonal Banner Generator

3Fire Emblem Heroes Duo Generator!

Find out what kind of duo hero you'll get in Fire Emblem Heroes!
Fire Emblem Heroes Duo Generator!

4Animal Crossing New Horizons Village Generator

What will happen during your adventures in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Enter your name and find out!

5Fire Emblem Three Houses Bio Generator

What kind of character are you in the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game?

6Super Smash Bros Ultimate Battle Generator

This generator will create a battle for you to fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Four players only!

7Your Fire Emblem Heroes Team!

Enter your name to be given a team to use in the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes! It will give you one red, blue, green, and colorless unit to use. If you happen to have the units in your barracks, try the bonus challenge!
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