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1Female Corrin/Kamui x Female Characters Fanfics

Fire emblem fates ships and storyideas.Warning: Incest and age gaps.

2What Fire Emblem Fates Girl is Your Soulmate?

Exactly what it says on the tin.

3How gay are your feelings?

Literal gay. Like, man: dude that guy has a nice butt.woman: she has a stellar bod, fam.

4Your FISC Stats

This diagnoses will determine your stats.FabulousIntelligentCreativeSexy

5What’s your Pokémon nature?

Includes stat booster and decreaser (ex: ATK+, SPD-) some have none, however.THIS IS THE FORMAT:Nature - Increase/Decrease - Liked flavor/Disliked flavor

6Your Doki Doki Literature Club OC's Fate

Doki Doki Literature Club is still in, right?10/10 would get scared/sad again.Trigger warning, obviously, nobody had a good time!

7Your RWBY Senpai [Female]

For those who like females or are just curious/bored.

8Your Nyo/Hetalia Mother

Like my other one, but Hetalia/Nyotalia. Included 2P versions.

9Who’s Your Nyo/Hetalia Soulmate?

Features roughly all countries; 2P ver, Nyo ver, 2P Nyo, and normal.

10Kill, Kidnap, Cheat: RWBY

Like kill, marry, fvck, but completely bad!

11OTP Love Child [RWBY]

Find out who you’re the Love child of!

12RWBY OTP Roulette

Picks your OTP for you!For names:

13Are you a Morty or a Rick?

Find out today!

14RWBY x Danganronpa

RWBY characters and their ultimate.

15What song from LiS BtS is your theme song?

* Life is Strange, Before the StormAlternatively, what Daughter song is your theme song. Plus a few others.

16OTP Song *Updated*

Your OTP + Song = Result!!That’s how it works. The songs can be found on: MrSuicideSheep and GalaxyMusic, or just YouTube in general. Probably Spotify too, if you have that.

17Character Describer

For Eyes, Hair, Mouth.

18Dialogue Prompt [RWBY]

From the internet!Might work.

19[RWBY] Relationships Part 2

A continuation perhaps?

20What RWBY ship are you the love child of?

Love Child - Person born to a couple who is unmarried.Don't know a ship? Google it.

21What David Cage game should you play?

Whose life do you want to mess up today?One of the games listed has yet to release.

22Who's style do you have from Life is Strange?

In honor of Before the Storm, I decided to make a Life is Strange Shindan -- not about personalities, characters, but clothing styles!

23[RWBY] Pokemon

If RWBY characters were actually in the universe of Pokémon, just who... would they be?-Volume 4 included.

24Schnee: Fvck or Kill

This might just get me arrested.Which Schnee [RWBY] will you fvck or will you kill them?

25What Telltale Game should you play?

Choices don't matter.


Weird title. Couldn't think of much to say, but in this shindan, but basically you get a rwby character and a dere-type they could be. Could be good writing practice! If you don't know some, google it.

27You VS Team SSSN

Another one! I'm bored and pulling an all-nighter.

28You VS Team JNPR

did this change again or am I crazy?Anyway, like the RWBY one but Team JNPR (pre-Volume 4)

29Weapon Creator [RWBY]

More to be added.Listed every known rwby weapon, they're just mismatched

30What kind of horror movie are you?

We all love a good horror movie. However, horror is personal.
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