Cool dude
Green hill zone, USA, were Sonic


1What Is YOUR spirit Animal!

Hint: if You are a Bandicoot, It is a creature that looks like a mouse. You might know Crash, And he is a Bandicoot

2What is your Anime OC?

Anime OCs

3What should your club be named

Like the fire hand

4Shindan Raffle

See if you win it. If your number is at the winning tweet the result and click on #ShindanRaffle P.S you can tweet even if you did not win

5What Windows OS are you

If you get Windows XP, We will be shocked.

6Your Life In One Word!

What is it


This sample uses the list branch number function to display a range of values using just one list (List 1), and through list options settings, deletes all incidences of a value in List 1 once that value has been used, ensuring that a given value is display

8Who is Your Sonic best friend

The best freind is who has the much % of the chart.

9What is your best Sonic friend

In a pie chart

10Waifu Stats!

What are they?

11How you got fat

How fat have you gotten and why

12How fat are You?

(Name) is (x)% fat

13Are You A top Or Bottom

If it says your left, means lonely forever. If it is right, Single.

14Horrid Henry OC Generator

Na Na Ne Na Na! Make An OC

15Sonic voice

Who will you voice

16OTP Drawing generator

put in a name of an otp or couple

17A date with Sonic characters

Please date these cute cool powerful animals

18What Is your Sonic OC?

Because 1000s of Sonic shindan

19What Horrid Henry character are you?


20Are you 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL?

Maybe, just maybe


What purple hand gang person are you

22Classic sonic game


23you belong in..........

..............What year

24Game character shindan

So yeah

25Origin stories

your origin

26Halloween cartoon type

well yeah. Happy Halloween

27Breakfast, Lunch and dinner AND desert

You next 4 meals [not a copycat]

28Sonic OC stats

Be the fastest, strongest, chilidog eater?. New and improved.

29Halloween Monster

Find your Monster

30Animoji Generator

Find your anime emoji
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