Lime Anura
21▪︎He/She▪︎♓▪Actually Autistic ▪Real Froggy Hours▪ I draw sometimes▪ @PaperDragonWhy 's Left Beef▪Switch posts: @LimeAnuraSwitch
Only here to stalk celebs, sorry. I don't have a lot special about me, anywayMasc NB 22.
co-creator of DEVIL'S CANDY w/ @bikkuriland pp: @KanzakiYufei | |mom to : @RummyAndCoqui 🦇 Do Not Repost My Art thx
ive given up on graphic design. im just here chilling now. 21 and done with this.i wish only to become horse.
🐸 FR0GB0X 🐸⚖️ AA Brainrot ⚖️
COMMISSIONS OPEN🍄 Reyes | 17 | they/it/he 🍄▫️ Freelance/Hobbyist Artist▫️ Professional FrogCritique always encouraged and appreciated!
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