Degenerate art blog for all my lewd needs. OC talk and doodle dumping. My disgusting thoughts are also here. (This account is NSFW) (18+)


1Become a Fantasy Girl!

Enter either your own name or make one up! Can be used as a character idea generator if stuck!

2A New Dungeon has Emerged!

Every day adventurers are discovering new dungeons in this large and expansive world! Get out there and claim their treasures!

3Off to Conquer a Dungeon!

New dungeons are popping up constantly! The rewards must be great but is it worth it?(*This Generator includes NSFW Implications*)

4You are now a Monster Girl!

Reincarnation? Transportation to another world? Whatever the case, it seems your body now looks only partially human!*Results based on "Monster Girl Encyclopedia" for reference (NSFW).*Please feel free to take some creative freedom with your results.
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