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Where the sun don't


1What Snowdin Town Boss are you?

Nyeh heh heh! I will capture a human!

2What Storyshift Character are you?

Same as What Undertale Character are you but Storyshift.

3What Underswap Character are you roled?

Same as what Undertale Character are you but it's UNDERSWAP.

4Which True Lab Amalgamate are you?

Including Sixbones which is not in game but exists for a reason

6What type of Villain are you?

See what you are... >=)

7What Chara role are you?


9How sexy are your legs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) means the best type of sexy

10What UT weapon and armor do you have equipped?

=) The Heart Locket and The Locket are 2 different things.The Locket is Genocide.Heart Locket is Neutral.

11What JoJo main character Stand/Power do you have?

Muda. Part 1-5.

12How useless are you?


13How lonely are you on Social Media?

See for yourself.

14Which Undertale Char would you take the role of?

See which main character you take the role of.

15Which BFB Character are you?

See who you are.

16How dumb are you...?

See how dumb you are.

17What Soul are you?

Includes FEAR and MONSTER.
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