CN/AUSDraw for fun牛島若利夢女bot | OCbot | Haikyuu!! | APH天雷耽美。說我歧同恐同隨意,看不惯就不要看啦。网线一拔恩怨去他妈。^^


1HQ!! character reactions when u say u like them

The premise is that they do have a crush on you secretly. English is not my first language so there might be a lot of grammar mistakes SORRY. Have Fun ^^. *Always updating new stuffs.*Available schools for now: Karasuno*Working on Nekoma

2OC generator (HQ!! AU)

Haikyuu!! OC UwU. No weights because it's just going to make hilarious results. Will be updated ASAP if any changes have been made.


第一次做占卜!!!!!如果有不符合邏輯的地方可以自行替換UU 可能是西幻可能是現代可能是古典,會有點魔法元素。持續更新。
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