1Your Life in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

How would you live in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

2What Ten Commandment Are You

What Ten Commandment are you from The Seven Deadly Sins Anime are you?

3What Seven Deadly Sin are you

What Seven Deadly Sin from the seven deadly sins anime are you?

4What Pokemon Are You!

If you were born a pokemon what one would you be

5Your Life In Assassin's Creed

Who would you be if you were born into the Assassin's Creed Universe

6Your Life in the Zombie Apocalypse

You in the Zombie Apocalypse

7What's your true pokemon team

What is your spirit pokemon

8Your Life In Overwatch

Who would you be if you were born into the Overwatch universe

9Your Life In Mortal Kombat

What would your life be if you were born in the Mortal Kombat Universe

10Your Life in Seven Deadly Sins

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