SFW Account | What did you mean you know a fairy that's related to this? Naaaah




4Character Analysis (Update III)

Analyse your capability! That's it!From SS+ down to F-29/08/17 "Update III"38 Species, 40 Jobs, 3 Genders, 10 Sexual orientation

5Which Greek god is watching over you?

You might not hear some of these guys. Look up for further details maybe?

6Who's your mystic spirit creature today?

Technically that's it. Find out!Warning tho, you might not expect your results xD

7Random Character Generator

For someone who need a random teenager character!

8If you were a pokemon. What typing would you have?

Yup. That is what it is.

9Can you make it out of LCF Facility Safely?

This is a reference for RaiinbowRaven's Facility named "Life Changing Facility". Where people got transform into pokemons and other things. What's the probability of you making it out safely? Or something else?
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