'belle legosi
never not designing a game. writing, drawing, and podcasting @sixfeatsunder! 🦴 denver trans furry who is very cool, she/her
アネット! @ isekai'd to ACNH
┌(┌ ^o^)┐ ❤アネット❤ です! RPG/乙女ゲー/BL/アイナナ/FE:if/FGO/銀魂/とうらぶ大好きლ(◖◡◗ლ)今日本語勉強しているけど、まだ苦手です( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )ヨロシク! http://welcometowonderland.me private: @averysmallwish
Pilkunnussija. Asistente de la sala de terciopelo.
wrath of jinjo
no, this is double's cousin, single, // certified by area 51 // bitches be like are you far left or far right? bitch im far-ting
Hajjy Ar Rachma P.
Mahou Shounen Kawane
Professional Deity Nommer and Mahou Shounen. P. S. WRYYYYYYYYY!
flora ▪ ♀️ ▪ anime fan
zero breaker
What am I even doing with this account |Alice Gear Aegis/Voiceroid/Touhou/etc |アリスギア/東方/ボイロ海外勢(投稿とは言ってない)|English & 中文 OK! 日本語勉強中
thailand artist / crossover fanart , crack pairing , sfw , nsfw 18+ , art style parody / crack pairing / TH/ENG , 2nd account : https://twitter.com/sanimura600
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