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1Fire Emblem kiss time

Awakening and Fates (for now...)

2Code: Realize Kiss Time

Kisses in Steel London

6Voltage Kiss Time

Which one of the Voltage guys will kiss you?

7Ugnis Kiss Time

Kiss Kiss Fall in Love~~

8Tourabu kiss time~~!!

When your swords love you too much (?) (updated 9-9-2020)

9Arashi Kiss Time~~

Who is going to kiss you?~~

10Kamigami no Asobi Kiss Time!!

Sweet kiss with your God

11Hakuouki Kiss Time

Will you be kissed by the shinsengumi or....

12Tu vida en Ugnis

Como seria tu vida como personaje de Ugnis?

13Your perfect Otome CD Drama 1

An otome drama CD for you!! R18 Possible

14Diabolik Lovers Kiss Time!!

Who's going to suck your blood? For fangirls <3

15FREE! Kiss Time

A kiss in the pool <3

16Brothers Conflict Kiss Time

You are in Chii-chan's place now

17UtaPri kiss Time!

Who would kiss you? For fangirls~~

18Gintama kiss

Who's going to kiss you?
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