Indonesia, Central Java


1Aura Color

Find yours!!

2Elemental Compatibility

try it out.

3Power Grid (Marvel)

Marvel universe Ability Status

4Personal Status

Try my other Shindan too!!

5Magus Status

* note: skill/ability in Thaumaturgy

6Major Arcana


7Magic Type [MAGI]

Find Out!!

8Seven Elements


9Anime Girl Creation

Your Form within Anime World as a Girl


Find your Alignment!!!

11Elemental Compatibility (2)

just another one

12Class, Alignment, and Parameter

Your Class, Alignment, and Parameter as a Servant

13Fate/Grand Order

Fate/GO version

14Alignment & Magic Circuit

try this if you like it

15Servant Class (Standard)

Standard 7 Class System

16Elemental Kinetic Powers

Find Out!!

17Ten Legendary Warriors

Which Warrior represent you?

18DanMachi Adventurer Status

your basic abilities in DanMachi!!

19Cardfight!! Vanguard Clan

Find your TRUE Clan!!

20Greek Gods and Goddesses

What Greek Gods/Goddesses are you?


Divine Gate Element Comptability

22GBF: Your SSR Version

Have Fun~~

23Random Parameter Generator

Try my other Shindan too!!

24Fate/Grand Order (Male)

Male version

25Yes / No

Are you yes? or are you no?

26Fate/Grand Order (Female)

Female Version

27which Paladin are you?

Are you Lawful (Royal Paladin)? Chaotic (Shadow Paladin)? Or Neutral (Gold Paladin)?

30Heroic Spirit

Find out what Heroic Spirit you are!!
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