1Thiccness Test

Take this diagnosis and figure out how Thicc you are!

2What is your Ability?

You may get one, or up to 3. Random with 156 different abilities. You may want to look one up if you don't understand it.

3Your Character Card (RPG/Rarity)

Generates a random list of stats about an imputed character. Changes every day in case you wish to change results. Rarity can determine overall/minimum power. Power is sum of stats, Max Potential is the highest possible Power for that Rarity.

4Some Furry Generator

Because I was bored, randomly generates a fursona.

5How Rare are You?

How rare are you? Find out in this random generator.

6Fate/GO Servant Generator

Gives a rarity and stats similar to the game Fate Grand Order and its many cards. Still developing.

7Your NSFW Stats

This is Not Safe For Work. And random.

8You as a Random Character.

This will show you who you might be as a completely random character (Changes Daily).

9Normal, Furry, or Weeb?

Are you a normal person, a furry, or maybe a weeb?
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