1Splatoon Time

Your Color side and weapon of Choice in an MP-Match of Splatoon, the Wii U game.

2Starcraft II Strategy and Outcome

Something I made for fun. I was formerly a Starcraft II player but stopped playing. Find out if your plan won you or lost you.

3What Computer/Video Game are you.

What kind of Computer/Video game will you be? Try your luck and hope you won't end up 2-Colors

4You in Warship Gunner 2 game.

Which Naval, and Side. You have to play Warship Gunner 2 to know what it is. And it's not perfectly accurate, but I just made it for fun.

5Which MLP:FIM Antagonists would'ya team up?

Let the evil magic begin. I'll update over days or if I can, containing more villain not Canonical to MLP:FIM.(Or Canonical) So which one wiill you team up to take over in the name of evil?

6Swordcraft Story

The life in Swordcraft Stories. This thing will contain references from other games. So, what kind of hero will you be in the world of Swordcraft Story? (First time)
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