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2Pikamee's Red Deadtter

fun cowboy game is hard to pronounce

3Anne Happytter


4Daily Anime Quiz

A daily anime quiz for anyone! Updated every Friday or Saturday (Last updated: 2016/05/14)

5Undertale 5-Roll Gacha

What characters will you roll today...?

7EN LLSIF Honor Scouting

You decide to yolo-roll the Honor Scouting box. What will you get this time?

8The Daily Rhythm Game

Which three rhythm game do you playing today?

9Ryuugajou Nanana no Shindan

Something something no Maizoukin, can you get this title right pls

10Wow Wow VENUS slots

Will you be lucky to land on a sensible VENUS lyric and "WIZAUCHUNAI"?

11Your own shoot'em up

What kind of a shmup will you be making today?

12Music composition challenge

You will be given a random target song length, key signature, time signature, and BPM. Can you make a song with the criteria given?

13Battle against Ramius

How much of a chance do you have against one of the toughest members of the Destiny Syndicate? A Mobile x Destiny shindan.

14Your Mobile Gear

Gives you your mobile gear emblem and your gear's vehicular form. A Mobile x Destiny shindan.
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