1Your male self!!

What if you were a boy - For girls ^-^ Just for Fun X)

2How Stupid are you?

are you smart or stupid :D Just for fun ^-^

3In a parallel universum

Who are you in an parallel universum?

4Todays Lucky Item

Your lucky item for today :3

5Your Drama :3 2/2

its the second part, 'cause to many stuff ._.

6Your Drama :3 1/2

its the first part, 'cause to many stuff ._.

7any last words?

your last words before you die .. dadumm :D

8Which food are you to Big Bang

Just for fun! for all V.I.P's :3

9How you'll look in an anime

I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)

10~You in a Fantasyworld~

How'll you be in a Fantasyworld?

11~Your hidden Self~

Have Fun! (^-^)

12Your Date with CNBlue

For all Boice (^-^)

13What'll BAP do with U ?

For all Baby's :3

14Your Position in Big Bang :3

What'll happen if you were in Big Bang? for all V.I.P's

15How'll you be like in an Anime

For Anime-Fans :3

16What time ist it? It's 2PM :3

For the Hottest ^-^

17Teen Top Date w/ you :3

What'll you do?

18You and Your K-Actor :3

What to do? o.o

19What will happen? Your K-idol

for all Kpop-fans ^-^

20BigBang Kabumm

for V.I.P's :3

21SHINee ShindanSun

for Shawols :D

22What does GDragon w/ U ?

It can be anything :D First Shindan, sorry because of the mistakes D:
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